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Meditation for Beginners

Although there may be a lot of people that would like to join the millions of others that already meditate each day, they do not know where to start or how to begin but it is very simple. As explained on the website https://stillmind.org/meditation-beginners/, no specialist equipment is needed and nor is any special training, anyone can start on their own at any time they wish.

The website stresses that unknown to many people, as little time as only 15 minutes each day is needed in order to receive the benefits which meditation can offer. If more people realized how easy it was to start meditating and how little time each day had to be spent meditating in order to receive its benefits, many more thousands or perhaps even millions of people would already be joining those that meditate regularly.

Meditation is of course known by everyone to bring relaxation and reduce stress of the person who does it but what perhaps most people do not realize is that that reduction in stress and the feeling of relaxation, lasts far longer than the actual meditation and in fact experts say that just 15 minutes of meditation each day is long enough to provide peace of mind for the whole day. Even those that suggest longer may be needed admit that only a few extra minutes may be needed in the form of 2, 2-minute meditations.

When you meditate, your mind relaxes and frees itself from the worries you may earlier have been feeling. This in turn, of course, makes you feel relaxed and worry-free. If you meditate for 15 minutes in the morning that relaxed feeling should last all day but if it doesn’t, just meditate again but this time only a couple of minutes will be necessary and so you could meditate on the bus, train or whilst waiting for either. You could if you wished, meditate whilst waiting to go into a meeting or interview after all two minutes can be found most times of the day and that is all it will take to top up that relaxed stress-free feeling.

The time needed is therefore not very long at all and so most of us could find that amount of time in our already busy lives. The how is even easier than finding the time as all it requires is that you sit with your back straight and take slow breaths. After the initial first couple of breaths to clear your mind, think of two single syllable words and repeat in your mind the first as you inhale and the second as you exhale. Your mind then automatically concentrates on the breathing and those two words, putting all other thoughts to one side. This, therefore, allows the brain to rest from your worries that may have been causing you stress and you will feel completely relaxed, a feeling that will remain with you long after you have resumed your normal day’s activities.

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